Welcome to 4S

4S is a relaxed corporation that is proudly part of the Goonswarm Federation.
We welcome new applicants and hope that you will fit in with our ethos. To make sure that we are a good fit for each other we ask that you read about us and fill in as much information to assist us in evaluating your application.
We are a group of gamers from the four corners of the world with large groups of Europeans, Turks, Americans, Koreans and fearsome Finns. The corporation has existed since 2003 and a part of Goonswarm since 2013. We are experienced in most aspects of EVE and take pride in being calm and representing our corp and alliance to the best that we can.


Alliance & Corp Reimbursement/SRP (Double SRP)
Low Taxes at 10%
Monthly prizes for activity
Alliance & Corp PvP fleets
Active and engaged leadership
A large number of Keepstars

Policies and Rules

Remain active in Eve (including jabber, discord and mumble)
Be an asset to your Corp and Alliance.
No scamming.
Be respectful of all including our enemies.
Follow all Alliance rules

Remain Active

As a member of the mighty Goonswarm it is expected that all pilots help on defensive and offensive strategic and peacetime fleets.
A system tracks your participation and rewards a PAP for each fleet you're a part of. We expect 3 PAPs per player per month. These can be banked over 3 months so if you do 9 paps one month you are covered for the next two months.
Participating in fleets is one of the great ways of enjoying EVE, get to know your fellow pilots and help relieve our enemies of their ships.
As a new member you will be required to have a motivated start and have 5 or more PaP's for your first month. If your missing for more than 3 months you will get purged from the corp. Let us know sooner rather than later.
4S and Goonswarm is more than going out on a fleet, ratting or mining it is about being part of a very large community. We have forums which are a great place to find information, fits and ideas on how to get more out of EVE.
Jabber, a text-based chat system where fleets are announced, groups rally their troops and one can conveniently chat with the alliance while in or out of the game.
Mumble for voice and hearing what the fleet commander wants you to do or a way to find out where the bad folks are when your mining/ratting and possible a place to call for assistance when neutrals attack you.
All of these systems help you be a part of the alliance, the corp and the community. The more you put in the more you get out. As a corp, we tend to communicate the most on Discord at present for in-house issues.


If you lose a ship in the service of 4S or the Goonswarm you'll receive compensation in the form of Isk, providing members with zero excuses to join fleets, PVPing, blowing stuff up or just having fun. Double SRP


We're currently very selective to applications though that's not to say we are desperately dredging for members. We are seeking players that will fit in with the community and are looking for fellow pilots to play with and be a part of the community. There are lots of games and places where you can go out and play but few have a community where we can support each other.

Reach out to a recruiter today!

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